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And with some of the most luxurious and modern ships selected especially for these grand voyages, there’s no finer way to visit so many stunning destinations than on an amazing cruise holiday. What could be better than one single holiday that lets you see Hong Kong Harbour, Sydney Opera House and New York’s Statue of Liberty - and spend time in stunning cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, Cape Town and Dubai? If all that’s not enough of an attraction for you, then there’s also the exquisite international fine dining, exceptionally friendly and efficient service, fantastic entertainment and leisure facilities on your luxury cruise ship. All of which you’ll really have time to enjoy properly during your time at sea.

Many world cruises embark from Southampton, making them a superb ‘holiday of a lifetime’ opportunity for UK passengers. And remember, on a world cruise you’ll only have to unpack your suitcase once – and if you’re sailing to and from Southampton there’s no need to worry about luggage allowances! These marvellous mega-voyages can take 80 to 110 days for a full cruise but, if you like, you can also opt for just two or three sections of the itinerary. These ‘world-sector’ cruises are becoming increasingly popular, giving you the chance to experience two different regions in one great holiday – you may select Dubai to Singapore, Cape Town to Southampton or Sydney to Hong Kong for example. You simply fly out and join up with your ship wherever you choose, perhaps incorporating a day or two’s hotel stay before and after the cruise in amazing cities like Sydney, New York, Dubai, Cape Town, Hong Kong or Bangkok.


The first world cruise was sailed in 1922 by Cunard’s RMS Laconia.