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971 4 389 8801
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Since the steam ship days of yesteryear, crossings of the mighty Atlantic Ocean have offered an exciting, exhilarating adventure for passengers from all over the world. With regular sailings from UK and other European ports it’s a fantastic option for those British cruise guests wanting to experience the sheer joy of luxury travel and freedom from the daily routines that these wonderful journeys bring.

Routes include one-stop sailings to New York and the chance to spend some time in one of the most exciting and charismatic cities in the world before venturing homewards again on your luxury liner. Others call at the Canary Islands for some pre-crossing sun and sightseeing, or Iceland where you can explore unique volcanic landscapes or enjoy a spot of whale-watching. If you choose one of the longer cruise holidays, you may also include the Caribbean, Canada, or some of the fantastic ports of call like Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Boston along the USA’s eastern seaboard. And with so many lazy days at sea, passengers get the time to truly appreciate the amazing luxury, fantastic cuisine, efficient, friendly service and exciting entertainment these superb ships have to offer.


The name ‘Atlantic’ is derived from the legendary island of Atlantis.