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On cruise holidays to this magnificent region, you’ll sail seas abundant with wildlife to reach the breathtaking scenery of strikingly rugged coastlines and visit charming port cities bursting with architectural magnificence and cultural complexity.

It’s only really on a cruise that you can take in the full wealth of experiences this awe-inspiring region has to offer – it’s almost as if it was designed to be enjoyed this way.

Most Baltic Cruise holidays will call at the delightful Danish capital of Copenhagen whose spires and towered structures cut majestically into the coastal skyline. Oslo in Norway offers more historical treasures, whether it’s a visit to a Viking museum or a few photographs of Thor Heyerdahl’s incredible raft, the Kon Tiki. For many cruise passengers, St Petersburg represents one of the lifetime thrills, with its gloriously decadent architecture evocative of its historically significant past. Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Gothenburg are just a few of the other fascinating ports of call on the wide selection of Baltic cruises you can choose from.