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On any cruise, entertainment is always guaranteed. It’s included in the price you pay, so make the most of the shows and interactive events on offer.

Cabaret is always popular on cruises, but many cruise lines have raised their game to include Broadway-style shows with feature ensemble casts. Comedy acts are also popular, and on some cruise lines you can get involved with interactive shows. During the day, group entertainment is organised around the pool, or you could retreat to the on board library and select a book for something a little quieter. The spas on board ships are generally of an excellent standard, with treatments requiring a supplement.


Cruising is a fantastic way to travel as a family. Many cruises don’t even require flights, so you don’t need to worry about excess baggage or getting all the family organised.

On board most cruise ships you’ll find special adults-only areas so you can enjoy a little time to yourself, whether that’s around the pool or in the spa. Most cruise lines that cater to children will offer a kids club to keep younger guests entertained; this is usually included in your fare. Dining options for children are extensive, with themed restaurants and interactive dining to keep them interested and encourage them to try new things.


One thing’s for sure: you’ll never get bored on board! Activities on board cruise ships are almost limitless, and it’s unlikely you’ll get through all of them even on a longer cruise.

If group activities on deck aren’t really your thing you can use the gym for a workout, swim in the pools, play tennis… On some cruise ships you can try skydiving, learn to surf on a wave simulator, take a viewing pod out over the ocean or learn about the sky above you in the only planetarium at sea. Almost all activities are included in the price you’ve paid for your cruise.


Take a cruise and you’ll feel like you’re eating out every night – there are so many choices available.

Most ships offer a choice of either set or freedom dining, so you can choose to eat at a designated time each night or freestyle and dine when you choose. Buffet restaurants are popular and often serve food throughout the day and night, but you can also opt to pay a supplement to dine in speciality restaurants, some of which are run by celebrity chefs. Generally, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus discretionary snacks are included, but beverages cost extra and will be added to your bill.