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From the charismatic, glamorous ports of call and sun-soaked beaches in the west to the culturally diverse and archaeologically fascinating cities of the east, this great sea has everything you could possibly want from a cruise holiday whose memories you’ll treasure forever.

Fall under the spell of scintillating Barcelona with its buzzing bars and bizarre architectural highlights, created by the wayward genius Antonio Gaudi. Take time to relax and catch the rays when you stop off at one of Spain’s Balearic island beauties with their busy resorts and bustling beaches. Put on your glitziest outfit and promenade along the people-watchers’ paradise that is the St Tropez seafront. Then it’s only a short journey further into the Med to find Naples and Rome whose artistic and historic treasures wait to be discovered. There are the stunning islands of Greece and its capital, Athens, where you’ll want to take a tour round the Acropolis and the city’s other ancient monuments. As your Mediterranean cruise takes you further east you’ll be aware of a cultural contrast as you encounter some of the world’s greatest archaeological sites like the Acropolis of Athens, Egypt’s breathtaking Pyramids and Turkey’s ancient ruins at Ephesus, reached via modern day Kusadasi. Reach the chaotic, brash and wonderfully exciting city of Istanbul and you really have arrived at the place where East meets West as Europe tumbles into Asia in a colourful collision of cultures at a centuries-old trading crossroads. The brilliant, brazen Byzantine domes of Odessa in the Ukraine are evocative of an era of opulence and of the great power enjoyed by Eastern European rulers in bygone times.


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The Romans called the Mediterranean Mare Nostrum (Our Sea).