Embraced by an exciting ambience of sun, sand and spectacular surf, heavenly Hawaii offers a wealth of attractions to enhance the holidaymaker’s experience.

You might take a light aircraft excursion to get a bird’s eye view of the network of atolls and lagoons and, of course, of the volcanoes from which this beautiful island group was born.

In the capital, Honolulu, you’ll be greeted by grass-skirted hula dancers as you prepare for your time on shore that might include a day browsing sophisticated boutiques or watching the surfers ride spectacular waves from the safety of a seat in the bar on a superb sun-kissed beach. There are trips to explore the World War II Pacific National Monument Centre at Pearl Harbour as well as the chance to descend 100 feet under the sea in the amazing Atlantis submarine from which you can pass over coral reefs, shipwrecks and seabeds teeming with colourful fish and plant species. At Maui, many visitors ascend the summit of Haleakala, as Pacific islanders have for centuries, to view the magnificent sunrise across the horizon. And you won’t want to leave Hawaii without enjoying at least one sumptuous luau feast, complete with traditional song and dance performances.