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Egypt and The Red Sea

Some of the world’s most amazing and spectacular man-made and natural treasures await you on a cruise to the Red Sea and Egypt.

The year-round fantastic climate, combination of relaxation, adventure and amazingly interesting, historically significant sites make it a wonderful cruise choice. You can visit brightly bustling local markets, take camel rides, go on quad-bike safaris, swim among the rainbow of colourful corals and fish or take a trip to one of the awe-inspiring Wonders of the World.

Top of your list of ‘must see’ highlights may well be Egypt’s mind-blowingly vast iconic Pyramids, to be found at Giza outside the capital, Cairo. Visitors gasp in awe as they contemplate the sheer scale, not only of the structures themselves but also the incredible feat of engineering achieved by its ancient civilisation creators. Tutunkhamen’s Tomb in the Valley of the Kings is another world-famous heritage site you’ll want to add to your experiences. Then there’s the amazing, archaeologically significant Jordanian ‘lost city’ of Petra which, hewn from a single expanse of sandstone cliff, is frequently described by scholars as the world’s eighth wonder. Glorious beaches such as those at Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheik or Jordan’s Aqaba slope gently down to the crystal Red Sea waters teeming with a kaleidoscope of tropical fish that flit about their brilliant coral habitats.