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If ever there was a part of the world just made for fantastic cruise holidays it has to be the paradise islands of the Caribbean.

Pristine, powder-white beaches, crystal-clear lagoons and gently swaying palms set the backdrop to an amazing array of island nations with such diversity, such charm and so many delightfully diverse characteristics it’d be a shame not to explore as many as you can on your Caribbean cruises. Caribbean islanders have a happy, smiling attitude as warm as the region’s climate itself and you’ll find them eager to welcome you to the wonderful place they call home. Sun-kissed shores give way to cheerily colourful, bustling ports, market towns and lush, forested interiors on the various islands you’ll hop between, from atmospheric Aruba and beautiful Barbados to exciting Jamaica and the chic Bahamas.

There’s Mexico’s magical Costa Maya from where you can take a short ride to Mayan ruins, visit a charming fishing village, or just chill under a palm frond parasol and enjoy a lazy hour or two on the beach. Speciality cuisine includes succulent, freshly caught seafood garnished with aromatic island-spice sauces. Drinks are deliciously blended juices from fruit picked that very morning. Beach bars reverberate with traditional reggae and calypso rhythms enjoyed spontaneously or as part of fun, themed parties. Shops are stacked with local craft items and duty-free bargains. Swim among the sensational, rainbow-coloured creatures in the seas around Grand Cayman, join a jeep safari through the tropical forests of St Lucia or ride the relaxing river raft through Jamaica’s lush, leafy waterways. Take your camera, take your sun cream but, most importantly in the Caribbean, make sure to take your time to soak in the wonders of this magical cruise destination.


More ships cruise the Caribbean than any other region of the world.