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971 4 389 8801
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With such a fantastic fusion of colourful cultures, sensational sightseeing, celebrated cuisine and the most wonderfully warm and welcoming people in the world this is a holiday like no other. You’ll visit exotic tropical beaches, multi-coloured markets and charismatic cities where relics of the Orient of centuries past sit alongside ultra-modern examples of the exciting times to come.

Vibrant, thrilling and expanding Oriental cities like Singapore, Osaka, Hong Kong and the incredible Shanghai show off their spectacular cityscapes, with skylines speared by structures seemingly straight out of science-fiction. Delve a little deeper, though, and you’re soon immersing yourself in narrow old streets where an altogether more serene way of life has trundled along forever, steadily and stoically, amid all the mayhem. Take an excursion further inland during a stop-off and you’re into genteel rural landscapes, lovingly tended by locals employing techniques passed down by generations. Spectacular scenery abounds as riverboat trips guide you through winding waterways that weave through lush tropical forest laden with exotic plant and animal life. And the food! Aromatic, diverse, delicious, sometimes a little strange - but always sure to stir your senses as delightfully as does the region itself.


The highest and lowest points on Earth both lie in Asia.